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These are the most NSFW asks I have ever seen. Obliterate me.

My Answers are in bold… and boring…


1. What tends to feel better for you, sex or masturbation?
Sex or Kinky Times then sex
2. Your 5 favorite spots to be stimulated.
Nipples, Cock, Ass (spanking), balls. In that order
3. Have you ever had your prostate stimulated?
4. Have you ever had an orgasm from anywhere other than your genitals?
5. Do you prefer clitoral or vaginal stimulation?
6. Can you touch your clitoris directly, or does that hurt?
7. Are you well-acquainted with your G-spot?
8. Are handjobs boring, or underrated?
UNDERRATED! So so very underated, and so much better than a blowjob.
9. Do you like having your balls touched?
In ways most would cringe at
10. Do you like having your nipples touched?
Little rates higher
11. Do you like having your anus touched?
12. Have you ever been fisted (anally or vaginally)?
13. Do you like mild roughness (scratching, spanking, hair-pulling, etc.)?
Hell yeah
14. Do you have any kinks?
15. Are you into anything under the BDSM umbrella?
16. Do you pee in the shower?
17. Do you ever masturbate in the shower?
Rarely and I prefer not to
18. Have you had sex in the shower?
19. Do you like being naked?
20. Do you sleep partially/fully naked?
21. Have you ever skinny dipped?
22. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done nude?

23. Have you ever to a nude beach, naked party, or other situation involving casual nudity?
24. Are you comfortable being seen partially/fully naked by family or friends (i.e. getting dressed, etc.)?
25. Are you comfortable with partners seeing you nude in non-sexual contexts?
26. Have you ever showered with someone (non-sexually)?
27. Do you care if a partner sees you going to the bathroom?
28. Do you have naked pictures/videos of yourself? If yes, have you sent them to anyone? Are they online?
29. How many sexual partners have you had?
A number
30. How often do you masturbate?
31. Age you started masturbating? How did you discover/learn about it?
Under 10, no clue.
32. What position do you typically masturbate in (laying on back, on stomach, sitting up, etc.)?
Sitting up
33. Describe your masturbation routine, technique, etc.
It varies too much
34. What do you masturbate to (porn, smut, imagination, etc.)?
Smut, then pictures, then video if I use anything.
35. Have you ever masturbated to the point you got sore?
36. Your thoughts the first time you got up close and personal with the opposite set of genitals?
Hot, and so much better looking
37. Have you ever “compared” (genitals, breasts, whatever) with a friend?
38. What kind of underwear do you normally wear?
Snug Boxer Briefs
39. Do you ever go commando?
40. Have you ever had a wet dream/orgasmed in your sleep?
41. How big is your penis?
Above Average
42. Does your penis curve at all?
To the right and up a bit
43. Which testicle hangs lower?
44. How big are your breasts?
45. Do you long or short labia? Are they even or uneven?
46. Do you have a particularly large or tiny clitoris?
47. Are you circumcised or no? Are you happy with it?
Partial to not… Most who’ve seen it don’t think I am.
48. Are you turned on or off by foreskin, or don’t care?
Off, but that’s because I don’t want to see anyone elses penis, nor spend much time looking at mine
49. What are you more into (or like more about yourself),
boobs or butts?
50. Do you find genitals physically attractive, or weird/gross, or not feel strongly either way?
Attractive on female, odd on males (so vulnerable)
51. Do you like the way your genitals look?
I don’t dislike them
52. Would you be able to pick out your genitals from a lineup?
53. Do you like your butt?
54. What do you do with your pubic hair (shave, trim, wax, nothing, etc.)?
Wax, though shaving lately for doing at home laser
55. Do you care/have a preference what partners do with their pubic hair?
Short/None is preferrable for hair in teeth issues… Otherwise I don’t care so long as they’re clean
56. Do you tuck your penis a certain way (i.e. left or right) when you get dressed?
It naturally cutrves to the right
57. Do you have or want any genital piercings? Do you like any on other people?
No (as long as my pierced nipples don’t count). I don’t mind female triangle/other minimal piercings that are functional
58. What is the quickest you’ve ever brought yourself (or been brought) to orgasm?
Being told to cum, while really horny
59. Do you ever “edge” (repeatedly stop and start) when masturbating?
Frequently, almost all the time in fact.
60. What’s the longest masturbation session you’ve had? Longest sex session?
Most of the day for the first, and a couple hours before we took a break for food and drinks for the latter
61. What’s the most orgasms you’ve had in one session (of anything)?
Over 25
62. Do your orgasms tend to be full-body, or crotch-centric?
Varies depending on how I’m pushed over the edge
63. Spit or swallow?
64. When you ejaculate, do you more shoot or dribble?
65. Is it hot or gross to get ejaculated on?
I don’t understand the attraction
66. Do you “squirt?”
67. Have you ever attempted (or succeeded) to give yourself oral?
Yes I can do so if I choose
68. Have you ever given/received a footjob, boobjob, etc.?
69. Have you ever had sex in a public place?
70. Have you ever had sex in a bed/on a couch that didn’t belong to either of you?
71. Have you ever had sex/masturbated while somebody was sleeping near you?
72. How many rooms of your house/apartment/etc. have you had sex in?
73. Strangest/most unique place you’ve had sex? How about masturbated?
Not sharing…
74. Have you had any sexual experiences that were downright gross?
75. Are you particularly “vocal” when masturbating/having sex?
Sex yes, other no
76. Have you ever been caught masturbating/having sex?
77. Have you had or do you want to have a threesome (or foursome, or more)?
Yes had…
78. Do you own any sex toys?
Yes, lots
79. Have you ever used a homemade sex toy, or a regular object as a sex toy?
80. Can a dildo feel as good as a penis (assuming the person with the penis is good at what they do)?
81. What are your favorite positions?
Any where we can look in each others faces
82. Your most embarrassing sexual experience?
Priaprism and a handjob in the hospital to try and relieve it, before other routes were taken.
83. Worst place/time you’ve ever gotten a boner?
84. Have you ever had any genital injuries?
Yes, see 82
85. Have you ever had a sexually transmitted infection?
86. Have you ever had a non-sexually transmitted genital infection (yeast infection, etc)?
No (assuming sinus infection doesn’t count)
87. If you lack a penis, have you ever tried to pee standing up?
88. If you lack a penis, how familiar are you with how you look down there?
89. Do you think you’re “good” at sex, or your performance/skill could use improvement?
Good and could always become better as sex is such a person to person variation of what’s good
90. Have you “sexted” (whether through text messaging or IM chat)?
91. Have you masturbated for or with someone via webcam?
92. Have you have phone sex?
93. If you had the opposite set of genitals for a day, name 5 things you would do.
Let me get back to you
94. What’s something you like about your body?
My mind
95. What’s something you dislike about your body?
The Rest
96. What body parts do you find the sexiest?
Butts, Eyes and Wit
97. What was your most recent sexual thought?
mmm butt
98. Do you ever just play with your boobs, penis, labia, etc.?
99. When was the last time you touched your genitals?
0 seconds ago
100. Do you often imagine people naked?
No I prefer a little bit of clothing in strategic places

(Source: uncutting)

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