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thelovelinessofbowie-deactivate asked:

In regards to possible sexy foodstuffs, I'd have to recommend honey. And a variety of fruit syrups like blueberry/raspberry/blackberry. (Though maybe not, because they stain the skin for a bit. But that can make it more fun, sometimes...)


Oh man. Fingerpainting with fresh berries would be am amazing scene.  Eat a blackberry, wipe my fingers on a sub in a pretty pattern, repeat. This has two of my favorite things in the world, fruit and bodywriting.


My 2014 survey investigated whether having or shaving/waxing pubic hair had an impact on the pain and discomfort some people have with their labia minora, especially if they have protruding labia minora.

While each person’s experience will be unique, based on their anatomy, skin sensitivity, and their wardrobe choices, the results show that if you shave or wax your labia majora you will be more likely to experience pain, chafing, irritation, pulling and discomfort with your labia minora.

If your labia hurt, my advice is don’t shave!


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